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Industrial Safety Gates

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Industrial Safety Gates

Workplace safety is an extremely important concern in every industry. It’s the reason more and more companies are integrating high-quality industrial safety gates to protect their workers from injuries that could potentially occur in the workplace.
Dakota Safety offers industrial safety gates in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Our metal safety gates provide dependable protection for workers and personnel in factories, production facilities, and other potentially hazardous environments.

Benefits of Dakota Safety’s Metal Safety Gates

Our industrial safety gates offer many distinct advantages when it comes to workplace safety:
  • Versatility
  • Automatic & manual closing functions
  • Operate in all conditions
  • Available in many sizes

Industrial Safety Gate Styles

Dakota Safety offers industrial safety gates in many assorted styles. We’ve got the right safety gate for your unique needs. Our metal safety gate options include:
  • Self-Closing Safety Gates: Featuring bi-directional gate swinging capabilities and stainless steel torsion springs that ensure automatic closure.
  • Dock Industrial Safety Gates: Provide an effective barrier for personnel and equipment working near open dock doors or other hazardous areas.
  • Special Application Safety Gates: Offer extra protection for areas that require unique or specialized metal safety gates.
  • Horizontal Mezzanine Safety Gates: Designed specifically for horizontal mezzanine openings, these gates open and close to provide protection as needed.
  • Vertical Mezzanine Safety Gates: Specially designed for vertical mezzanine openings, these gates open and close to provide protection as needed.
  • Pallet Flow & Pivot Gates: Designed specifically for vertical mezzanine openings, these gates provide protection as pallets or material is loaded onto mezzanines as needed.
See individual product pages for additional information.
Dakota Safety’s industrial safety gates feature sturdy, rugged construction for many years of use and abuse. These safety gates require minimal floor space and are designed for easy installation in almost any setting. Our metal safety gates meet OSHA guardrail height ratings, OSHA load force protection requirements, and other applicable regulations.

Contact Us for Metal Safety Gates

Request a quote on industrial safety gates for your workplace, or contact Dakota Safety for more information.