CASPR BLU Tile for Air + Surface Purification installed Acoustical Tile Ceiling Systems

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CASPR BLU Tile for drop in tile ceilings gives your indoor space the protection of CASPR with 99.6% pathogen destruction for both air and surfaces.  CASPR's unique technology continuously and effectively keeps your people safe.  

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It is easily installed in any tile ceiling system near a standard 120-volt junction.  Once installed and turned on will run 24 hours a day without any operation.  The BLU Tile's signature blue light lets your staff, customers, guests, and others know that the device is keeping them safe from harmful pathogens at all hours.

CASPR BLU Tile easily installs in suspended tile ceiling systems

CASPR’s technology uses a proprietary Natural Catalytic Converter (NCC) process to naturally extract oxygen and moisture from ambient air and then produce and safely deliver continuous trace levels of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to disinfect indoor spaces including both the AIR and SURFACES that are exposed to ambient air.

CASPR BLU Tile installed in a ceiling

The result is an automated and continuous reduction of air and surface viruses and bacteria in a way that is safe for use in spaces occupied with people and pets, and with no need to modify existing custodial processes.

Unlike filtering and germicidal UV technologies that require contaminated air to re-circulate through the system, CASPR's continuous application of low levels of hydrogen peroxide vapor to actively neutralize pathogens like the virus that causes COVID19.

CASPR BLU Tile in a commercial office environment

CASPR is Climate & Environmentally Friendly:

  • Low levels of energy to achieve better Indoor Air Quality [IAQ] results compared upgraded HVAC systems required to recirculate air frequency to meet IAQ
  • standards
  • Eliminating expensive HEPA/MERV filters that end up in landfills
  • Reducing episodic cleaning episodes with harsh disinfecting chemicals
  • Does NOT contribute to antimicrobial resistance.

CASPR Blu Tile Intro:

CASPR air purification and autonomous surface disinfection

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