Most telecom buildings and data warehouses have massive HVAC systems or chiller units to keep the servers and other sensitive electronic equipment inside cool and operating correctly. To save space inside the building, these cooling systems are usually located on the roof. Fall safety protection must be provided for personnel performing maintenance or repairs on these rooftop coolers, and no one does it better than Dakota Safety. Contact us today to discuss your unique safety needs.


Rooftop Fall Protection Systems

For any job that puts workers on a rooftop, fall protection is required. Dakota Safety offers an array of fall protection guardrails and handrail systems that will fit any roof space. Our portable fall protection systems can be used as permanent or temporary safety measures, and can be moved from one work area to the next, eliminating the need for a more costly and elaborate setup that would surround the entire roof. We offer non-penetrating guardrails that are easy to install without drilling holes in your roof.

For situations where personnel are working on top of the actual chiller units, we offer Kwik Guard and Kwik Rail modular safety handrails. These guardrail systems can be customized to fit the dimensions of your equipment. They’re easy to install using standard anchor bolts and structural pipe fittings (included). Like all our fall protection systems, Kwik Guard and Kwik Rail products meet applicable OSHA regulations.

To prevent unwanted interference, Dakota Safety offers guardrail systems with fiberglass rails. These specialty systems are fully RF transparent.

All of our guardrail systems are OSHA-compliant and rated for up to 200 lbs. structural load. We can also provide special D300 Series guardrails with are rated for 300 lbs., providing a safety factor 50% over OSHA guidelines.

We can provide access ladders with safety cages to protect workers who are climbing up to or down from rooftops or other elevated work areas. Permanent or temporary visual warning line systems will help personnel see changes in roof elevation at a glance and avoid potential falling hazards.

The Safety Product Specialists

Dakota Safety has the expertise and the premium quality products needed for a complete rooftop safety system for your telecom building or data warehouse. Our team will work with you to develop a customized setup that meets your safety requirements and fits your space.

Request a quote on rooftop fall protection, access ladders, and more for your facility. Or, contact Dakota Safety to find out what we can do for you.

See individual product listings for more information and specifications.

Project References:

Project: Verizon Communications, Rockland CA 2015
Owner installed
Products: KwikGuard modular hand railing system & ladder access, self-closing safety gates; galvanized finish

Project: Federal Aviation Administration, Anchorage, Alaska 2015
Owner installed
Products: SafetyRail2000 - Safety yellow rails & bases

WAANG (Washington Army National Guard) Chiller Units, State of Washington
Contractor: Freitas Construction, Bremerton Washington
Products: KwikGard modular handrailing system & ladder access, self-closing safety gates; galvanized finish