Q: I have a custom fall protection or safety issue that I need help on. What can you do for my situation?

Dakota Safety would welcome the opportunity to work on your specific problem. Our products can be applied in many different ways to help meet your specific needs. With a sketch, some plans, earth images and photos, we usually can come up with an effective solution. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you!

Q: How does the SR2K system work to meet OSHA standards in fall protection?

Each SR2K base weighs 108 pounds, and the railings are inserted directly into these bases. The weight of these bases, plus the outriggers allows the railing to withstand a 200 pound force test in order to meet OSHA standards, help protect those in a fall risk area, and do so in a way that does not penetrate the roof membrane saving time, labor, and potentially voiding the warranty of the roof.

Q: What is an outrigger on the Safety Rail 2000 (SR2K) system and why are they required?

An outrigger refers to additional railing (at least 3’ in length) and base that are placed at the beginning and the end of each continuous run.

See our blog post:  Why Outriggers Are ImportantOutrigger for ballasted, non-penetrating fall protection guardrail system

Q: Why does the Safety Rail 2000 (SR2K) system need outriggers?

The SR2K system exceeds OSHA standards, but only with outriggers in place. The outriggers maintain the integrity of the run along a leading edge, so you stay within OSHA standards. They provide necessary protection to individual working along an edge whether they are in the middle of a 100’ run or within the first 5’ of the beginning of the run. It also defines the safe area and keeps personel from moving around the end. Plus, unlike other systems, this design minimizes trip hazards along the guardrail.

Q: Will this SR2K Guardrail system void the manufacturer’s warranty for my roof?

Generally, the SR2K system would not void a manufacturer’s warranty of the roof since the product does not require penetrating the roof membrane. That said, we always advise double checking the specific conditions of each roof warranty.

Q: Can the railings be painted a different color?

We often paint the rails to match colors used on the building so that the railings are more aesthetically appealing. There is a one-time paint set-up charge and it will add some production time but many clients opt for custom painted rails. It also helps to have the RAL color code if you want match an existing color.

custom color fall protection guard rail

Q: I don’t like the way the rails make my building look! What can I do?

There are options for using non-penetrating rail systems which won’t affect the building aesthetics. They include: custom painted rails, collapsible railing systems, architectural styled railing systems, and inclined stanchions. Our SR2K Architectural series is specifically designed to have an architectural appearance and be incorporated with the design intent of the building; all while upholding OSHA standards AND not penetrating your roof! Call Dakota Safety today to find out which system would work best for your situation.

Q: Do you offer self-closing gates for larger openings?

We offer a wide variety of gates for almost every application. Give us a call and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation.

Q: Do you offer self-closing gates for food manufacturing or food service?

We have a couple types of stainless steel gates that are suitable for food manufacturing or food service applications. Give us a call and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation.