Dakota Safety has worked with a number of big names in food processing and cold storage to develop customized safety systems for their facilities. From poultry processing plants to distribution centers to grain elevators, we’ve provided passive fall protection systems, self-closing safety gates, and more. Contact us today to discuss your unique safety needs.

Food processing

Rooftop Safety Systems

The most common safety products we provide for food processing plants and cold storage locations are rooftop fall protection systems. The roofs of these buildings generally require regular access for cleaning and/or for equipment maintenance or repairs, and, with our safety guardrails, there’s no need for cumbersome tie-offs and anchor points that can get in the way of the work that’s being done.

Dakota Safety offers non-penetrating guardrail systems that are easy to install without drilling holes in the roof of your building. Our portable guardrail systems can be moved to different areas of the rooftop, as needed, eliminating the need for more costly setups that would surround the entire roof. StealthRail guardrails can be folded flat to allow for easier equipment installation or removal, or to provide a cleaner visual look when not in use.

We also offer permanent and portable visual warning line systems to delineate changes in rooftop heights. Though they don’t offer true fall protection, these devices make it easy to see where one roof level ends and another begins, and will help personnel spot potential falling hazards at a glance.

Safety Gates & Equipment Guardrails

To keep workers safe inside your food processing plant or cold storage warehouse, Dakota Safety offers a variety of guardrail systems, safety gates, and bollards. These durable, high visibility devices can be used to block off equipment, shelving, mezzanines, loading docks, and more, keeping personnel at a safe distance.

Specialty stainless steel and food-grade plastic options are available for food handling locations. End caps are available for all guardrails and gates to seal the openings and keep out food and debris for improved cleanliness.

We offer pallet flow safety gates for mezzanines and other elevated storage areas. These spring-loaded, self-closing gates make it easy to load and unload pallets with a forklift, and act as a safety railing when no pallets are present.

The Safety Product Specialists

Dakota Safety has the experience and the expertise provide a one-of-a-kind safety setup for any food processing or cold storage facility. We will work with you to create customized systems that meet your safety requirements and perfectly fit your space.

Request a quote on rooftop fall protection, safety gates, and more for your facility. Or, contact Dakota Safety to find out what we can do for you.

See individual product listings for more information and specifications.

Food Processing / Cold Storage Reference Projects:

Tyson, Various Locations SD, IA 2016, 2015
Owner installed
Products: SafetyRail2000 – Safety Yellow rails and bases; KwikRail – Safety Yellow modular handrail system

General Mills, Minneapolis MN 2015
Owner installed
Product: SafetyRail2000 – Safety Yellow rails and bases

Cargill, Wahpeton ND 2015
Owner installed
Product: SafetyRail2000 – Safety Yellow rails and bases; Ladder Defenders, Toe boards, Safety gates

Ohly Americas, Boyceville WI 2014
Owner installed
Product: SafetyRail2000 – Safety Yellow rails and bases; rails with adjustable mid-rails for crossing ductwork; custom size low-profile outriggers for continuing runs under ductwork, and wheeled gates for access through rail system.