StealthRail Collapsible Guardrails

Rail Length: 3 foot
Finish: Powder Coat Yellow


StealthRail Collapsible Guard Rail System for Fall Protection

StealthRail Rooftop Fall Protection Guardrail System

StealthRail collapsible roof fall protection guardrail systems provide clean sight lines and preserve the architectural integrity of your building, while offering perimeter passive rooftop fall protection that meets OSHA requirements.  See how it was used on the Pinnacle Bank Area in Lincoln NE.  StealthRail is the same rail system as the SafetyRail2000 except that it has a pivot assembly that allows the rail to fold down.

Rail sections are constructed of 1-5/8" inch steel tubing, and secure to 96-pound cast iron bases. Bases have four ports each, allowing the rails to be placed in infinite positions. Each section is collapsible, with a one-way pivot assembly that allows the rails to fold down after rooftop work has been completed. When the bases are installed in a run with a 90° return on each end, the combined mass and the geometry of installation creates an OSHA compliant barrier for roof edge protection.

StealthRail collapsible roof guardrail systems require no penetration to the roof surface for installation. Because they’re anchored with baseplates instead of bolted down, these collapsible guardrails can be used as portable, permanent, or temporary roof edge protection solutions.

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Features of StealthRail Collapsible Fall Protection Guardrail Systems

  • Suitable for permanent or temporary roof edge protection
  • Reduce costs over an engineered lifetime system
  • Folds out of sight when not in use
  • Quick installation
  • No drilling needed
  • Deemed OSHA-compliant by an independent accredited engineering firm
  • Can be used around mechanicals or for perimeter protection
  • Rails can be mounted in infinite positions
  • Manufactured in-house
  • Powder coat and galvanized finishes available
  • Optional EPDM rubber pads and BUR pads available for added roof surface protection

OSHA Minimum Requirements for Collapsible Guardrail Fall Protection System

The SafetyRail 2000 Stealthrail collapsible non-penetrating guardrail system is compliant with OSHA regulations for guardrails:  29 CFR 1926.502

For complete, OSHA-compliant rooftop fall protection safety, Dakota Safety, a safety railing company that offers StealthRail collapsible guardrail systems from BlueWater Manufacturing.

Please Note: These railings are sold in kits (unless noted otherwise). Each kit contains

  • a single base 
  • a single locking pin
  • a single sized railing

An extra base is required at either the start or end of each run. (one rail section will require two bases)

Please refer to Layout requirements for minimal requirements for OHSA compliance for non-penetrating fall protection guardrail systems.

To meet OSHA regulations for fall protection, a collapsible guardrail system must utilize outriggers (returns/counter weights). Whether the danger side run is 5’ or 1000’ in length, outriggers must be in place at the beginning and at the end of the run. Outriggers are standard rail kits that are connected at approximately 90° to the danger side run of each end rail section.


  • StealthRail collapsible roof guardrails are complaint with OSHA regulations for fall protection guard rail systems.
  • Approved Product: StealthRail Collapsible Guard Rail System, as manufactured by BlueWater Manufacturing and distributed by Dakota Safety 866-503-7246  4155 S Robert Trl St Paul MN
  • Rooftop Fall Protection: Provide collapsible, freestanding, fall protection guardrail for rooftops, including pipe railings, bases, and fittings.
  • Standards: System shall have top and mid rail in accordance with OSHA standards.
  • Structural Load: 200 lb. (90.7 kg), minimum, in any direction to all components, in accordance with OSHA regulations.
  • Minimum Height: 42” (106 cm)
  • Railings: 1-5/8” (4.1 cm) O.D. hot rolled picked electric weld tubing, free of sharp edges and snag points. Includes fold-down mechanism with locking pin and metal locking pin lanyard.
  • Mounting Bases: Class 30 gray iron material cast with four receiver posts. Base weight 95 lb. (49 kg) and 48 lb. (21.8 kg) per square foot. Rubber pads for base bottoms available upon request.
  • Receiver Posts: Shall have a positive locking system with slots that allow rails to be mounted in any direction. Friction locking systems are not allowed. Receiver posts shall have drain hole.
  • Hardware: Securing pins shall be 1010 carbon steel, zinc plated and yellow chromate dipped. Pins shall consist of collared pin and lanyard that connects to lynch pin.
  • Finishes: Available with standard “safety yellow” powder coat or hot-dip galvanized finish. Custom colors available.

StealthRail Collapsible Guardrail Options

  • Step-Rail: Variable height railing enables a continuous run of StealthRail safety railing where the roof steps up or down
  • Raised Mid-Rail: Railing to fit over duct work for continuous run of StealthRail
  • LP Outrigger: Supports positioning under ducting or conduit to continue run of StealthRail guardrail system when full rail section cannot be used
  • Finishing Rail: D-shaped railing extension for ladder landings, length or rail section and D-loop as indicated on the drawings
  • Surface Protection Pads: EDPM Rubber Pads and Bur Pads are available upon request

StealthRail: Independent Test Results

  • This collapsible fall protection guardrail system was found to comply with OSHA regulation for Fall Protection.
  • The top rail was capable of withstanding a 200 lb. (90.7 kg) horizontal and vertical load.
  • The midpoint of the top rail deflected to 40.75” (103.5 cm) above the floor level when subjected to a 200 lb. (90.7 kg) vertical load.
  • The mid rail was capable of withstanding, without failure, a force of 150 lb. (68 kg), applied in the vertical and horizontal directions.

Tests were conducted by GME Consultants, Consulting Engineers, Minneapolis, MN 55447.

Supporting Documents for StealthRail Fall Protection Guardrail Systems

Contact Us for Complete Rooftop Fall Protection Guardrail Systems

StealthRail and Kwik Rail systems are easy-to-install, effective, and OSHA-compliant solutions for roof fall protection. Request a quote today, or contact Dakota Safety, a safety rail company, for more information on StealthRail fall protection guardrail systems.


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