Hatch Defender

Size: 3036
Color: Galv


Hatch Defender - Non-Penetrating, Non-Attaching Roof Hatch Fall Protection Guardrail System

The Hatch Defender is a non-penetrating roof hatch fall protection system. Constructed of galvanized steel, the Hatch Defender system feature a self-closing gate for added safety.

For installation, this passive fall safety solution is first placed on the roof hatch curb. Then, the rail on the gate side and its opposite are tightened until the Hatch Defender fits snugly against the curb. The top rail and mid rail adjust as the sections are tightened.

A Simple Solution for Roof Hatch Fall Protection

The Hatch Defender creates an OSHA-compliant barrier for permanent installations. The unique design of our roof hatch defender system eliminates the need to attach the rail to either the hatch or the roof surface, making installation easier and eliminating leaks in the roof surface or the roof hatch.

Request a quote on the Hatch Defender roof hatch fall protection system your facility needs. Contact Dakota Safety to learn more.

Hatch Defender Guardrail Features

  • Designed for fast and easy installation
  • No drilling needed
  • Installs with basic hand tools
  • Deemed OSHA compliant by an independent accredited engineering firm
  • Standard galvanized finish (custom painted finishes available)

OSHA-Compliant Passive Fall Safety

Hatch Defender roof hatch fall protection systems are compliant with OSHA safety regulations for guardrails.

Minimum Size Requirements

Hatch Defender rail sections are sized to fit the inside curb dimensions. The hatch railing is adjustable on the gate side to accommodate different hatch widths.

 Part #  Inside Curb Width Inside Curb Length
30 inches or 36 inches
30 inches or 36 inches
30 inches or 42 inches
42 inches
30 inches or 54 inches
54 inches
30 inches or 96 inches
96 inches


Hot-dip galvanized finish is standard. However, if you require a roof hatch fall protection system with a custom finish or in a custom color, please contact Dakota Safety for options and pricing.

Installation Instructions

  • 30-36"x30-36" Hatch Defender Installation Instructions
  • 30-36"x42" Hatch Defender Installation Instructions
  • 48"x48" Hatch Defender Installation Instructions
  • 30-36"x54" Hatch Defender Installation Instructions
  • 30-36"x96" Hatch Defender Installation Instructions

Contact Us for Effective Roof Hatch Fall Protection

Dakota Safety are the industrial safety product specialists. Request a quote or contact us for the Hatch Defender system your facility needs.

[short-description]The Hatch Defender is a non-penetrating roof hatch fall protection system. Constructed of galvanized steel, the Hatch Defender system feature a self-closing gate for added safety.[/short-description]

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