EdgeGard Dock Gates - Industrial Loading Dock Gates

Straight or Folding: 8ft Straight


Straight & Folding Rail Dock Gates

EdgeGard™ dock industrial safety gates from Wildeck are durable, reliable, and safe. These dock gates are easy to install and operate and provide an effective barrier for personnel and equipment working near open dock doors, truck loading pits, or other hazardous areas.

Dakota Safety offers these dock gates in two styles: straight and folding rail. EdgeGard™ straight rail dock gates utilize the “industry standard” design, while EdgeGard™ folding rail dock gates are specially designed to protect wider openings while minimizing the required clearance height.

Both industrial safety dock gate styles feature EdgeGard™’s smooth, cantilevered action, which ensures easy operation and long service life. When raised, these dock gates completely clear the opening to provide unimpeded traffic flow and maximum accessibility. When closed, EdgeGard™ dock gates are held securely in place and do not move.

When properly anchored, EdgeGard™ straight dock gates and folding dock gates meet the 200 lb. load force protection requirements of the OSHA 1910.23 standard.
Request a quote on the straight or folding rail industrial safety dock gates you need. Contact Dakota Safety to learn more about these or any of our industrial safety products.

View the EdgeGard™ brochure for additional information and specifications.

Features & Benefits of EdgeGard™ Dock Gates

  • Straight dock gates and folding rail dock gates available.
  • EdgeGard™ Gate top rails are 42" high (above floor Level) when closed.
  • Easy to assemble and install. (See below.)
  • Minimal floor space required.
  • Strong balanced construction withstands 200 lbs. top rail pressure and meets OSHA load force protection requirement.
  • Counterbalanced gas cylinder(s) allow easy lifting and safe gate operation.
  • Black safety stripe on bright yellow paint finish ensures high visibility.
  • Rugged construction for long service life.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

EdgeGard™ Dock Gate Installation

EdgeGard™ dock industrial safety door gates should be attached to the concrete deck of your loading dock with anchors (not included). Allow additional 14” clearance for straight dock gates, and 21” for folding dock gates. Both styles require a minimum of 10’ overhead clearance.

Contact Us for EdgeGard™ Dock Gates

Dakota Safety are the industrial safety product specialists. Request a quote or contact us for the dock gates your facility needs.

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