Water and wastewater treatment plants present potential fall hazards that other industrial locations don’t—in addition to rooftops and elevated work areas, these facilities also frequently have open pools or pits where water is collected. Dakota Safety can provide the fall protection products you need to ensure that personnel stay safe throughout your plant. Contact us today to discuss your unique safety needs.

Wastewater Treatment

Fall Protection Systems

Most waterworks buildings have at least a few pieces of mechanical equipment on their roofs. And, of course, these machines often need maintenance or repairs. We offer a variety of fall protection guardrail options to keep workers safe when they’re on the rooftop performing these tasks. These passive fall protection systems are OSHA-approved and eliminate the need for tie-offs and anchors that can get in the way of the work that’s being done.

Dakota Safety’s non-penetrating guardrail systems are easy to install in any rooftop location, with no drilling into the roof of your building. We also offer portable guardrail systems that are easy to move from one work area to another and eliminate the need for a more elaborate and costly setup that would enclose the entire roof.

All our fall protection systems are also suitable for installation around open pits and pools. High visibility options are available, making it easy for personnel to see potential hazards before they come upon them. To the same end, we offer permanent and portable visual warning line systems to let workers know where it is and isn’t safe to be.

Because they can fold flat against the roof when needed, StealthRail guardrails are ideal for rooftops and other elevated locations where equipment frequently needs to be lifted in and out. They provide full-height safety railing, but can quickly be switched to a lower profile that makes it easier to move heavy loads over them.

Many of our passive fall protection devices are available in Galvanized and stainless steel finishes to withstand corrosive environments.

Safety Gates & Access Ladders

To keep personnel safe as they’re climbing up to, down from, or working in elevated areas, we offer mobile and rolling platform ladders. Access ladders with safety cages and crossover ladders are also available to meet your needs.

Dakota Safety also offers self-closing gates, loading dock gates, and other industrial safety gate options to provide protection when coming and going in potentially hazardous areas.

The Safety Product Specialists

Dakota Safety is your number one source for passive fall protection and safety systems. We will work with you to develop a customized safety system that meets your requirements and fits your space.

Request a quote on rooftop fall protection, access ladders, and more for your water treatment plant. Or, contact Dakota Safety to find out what we can do for you.

See individual product listings for more information and specifications.

Project: Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, Duluth, MN 2015
Owner installed
Products: SafetyRail2000 – Galvanized finish rails and powder coated safety yellow bases, Perma-Line visual warning lines, skylight screens, Ladder Defenders, ParaRail kits

Project: City of Bloomington, Bloomington MN 2015
Owner installed
Products: Hatch Defenders (roof hatch guardrail systems with self-closing gate)