There are few workplaces more potentially dangerous than manufacturing facilities. Fast-moving machinery, forklifts, mezzanines and other elevated areas, rooftop mechanical equipment, and other hazards are commonplace. Dakota Safety can help you keep employees safe and out of harm’s way with fall protection systems, self-closing safety gates, access ladders, and more. Contact us today to discuss your unique safety needs.


Rooftop Fall Protection Products

To free up production space, many manufacturing plants put critical HVAC systems and other mechanical equipment on the roof. When this equipment needs maintenance or repairs, you need guardrails in place for both personnel safety and OSHA compliance. Dakota Safety provides a variety of rooftop guardrail and handrail systems to meet those needs. These passive fall protection railings eliminate the need for tie-offs and anchor points that can get in the way of the work that’s being done.

We offer non-penetrating guardrail systems that can be installed quickly and easily, without drilling holes in your roof. Our portable guardrail systems can be moved from one work area to another, providing a cost-effective alternative to more elaborate setups that would surround the entire roof. Specialty roof edge safety railings are available for buildings with metal roofs—these systems clamp onto seams on metal roofs, with no need for drilling or special installation equipment.

All our safety guardrails are OSHA-approved and rated to 200 lbs.

Permanent and portable visual warning line systems are available to delineate changes in rooftop height. These devices make it easy for personnel to see drop-offs to lower levels and avoid potential falling hazards.

In-Plant Safety Systems

Dakota Safety supplies a range of products to keep workers safe on the factory floor. We offer high visibility guardrails to protect equipment and shelving units and define traffic areas. These guardrails are built tough and designed to withstand severe impacts from forklifts and other machinery.

Kwik Guard and Kwik Rail modular handrail systems can be tailored to fit fuel storage tanks, paint booths, and other specialized work areas. These safety railings are designed to not permanently attach to the equipment they are guarding but attach to the floor or other structural materials on which the equipment is supported.

Our self-closing safety gates and loading dock gates provide easy access when needed and act as safety railings when closed. We offer both horizontal and vertical mezzanine gates to prevent falls when employees are working in elevated areas; manual and auto-close options are available. Spring-loaded, self-closing pallet flow safety gates make it easy to load and unload pallets from mezzanines and storage racks.

For extra safety when accessing elevated spaces, we offer access ladders with safety cages and a full line of mobile ladder stands. Crossover ladders are available to help personnel move safely over equipment or work areas.

The Safety Product Specialists

Let Dakota Safety develop a customized safety system for your manufacturing facility. We have the experience and the expertise to provide a one-of-a-kind setup that meets your safety requirements and perfectly fits your space.

Request a quote on fall protection guardrails, safety gates, and more for your manufacturing plant. Or, contact Dakota Safety to find out what we can do for you.

See individual product listings for more information and specifications.

Project References:

Project: SAINT-GOBAIN CERAMICS & PLASTICS, INC., Northborough, Massachusetts 2015
Product: SafetyRail2000 - Safety yellow rails
Other products: custom size roof access ladder

Project: Unilever Manufacturing Facility, Independence, Missouri 2015
Contractor: Firebaugh Construction, Independence MO
Products: KwikGuard, Self-Closing Safety Gates, Electrically Powered Mezzanine Gates

Project: Firestone, Wilson North Carolina 2015
Contractor: Southern Industrial Construction, Raleigh North Carolina
Products: heavy duty double rail guardrail system

Project: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Livermore, California 2015
Owner installed
Products: SafetyRail2000 - Safety yellow rails & bases

Project: Exon Mobile, Beaumont Texas 2015
Owner installed
Product: loading dock safety gate

Project: Monsanto-Agracetus Campus, Middleton Wisconsin 2015
Type: Agricultural research facility
Contractor: Oscar Boldt Construction
Products: SafetyRail2000 - Safety yellow rails; metal toe-boards (speed boards)

Project: Lockheed Martin, Patuxent River NAS, Maryland 2015
Owner installed
Products: KwikGuard & Self-closing gates