Mezzanine Door Gate



The Mezzanine Door Gate secures an opening on an upper or mezzanine level where there is a standard operating door, single, double door or a roll-up door, which is used to move supplies for production at that level, storage situations, or other applications or for ventilation.

Although hollow metal doors are typical standard sizes, each gate is custom fabricated to the specific opening - see our Mezzanine Door Measuring guide for clear opening measurement requirements:

Mezzanine Door Gate Product Data Sheet

Mezzanine Pallet Pass Through Self Closing safety gate
The Mezzanine Door Gate provides passive fall protection when the doors are in the open position and yet allow for material to be passed through the gate doors, which self-close after the material has been moved through.

The gate meets the standards for an OHSA guard rail systems for protection of leading edges for fall protection when in the closed position.

NOTE: due to the variety installations - no anchors or mounting hardware is included with gate system and no anchor or mounting holes are provided in the frame.  Design of anchorage and verification of existing structure's ability to withstand all loads transferred by the gate is by others.

As company that is a specialty safety railing company for passive fall protection situations, our team of safety specialists can work with you to solve your fall protection issue for mezzanine opening situations.  Dakota Safety offers a variety of gates for these types of applications.

You can learn more about mezzanine safety gates on our blog "Making "Doors to Nowhere" Safe and Useful"

Mezzanine Pass Through Safety Gate

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