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Products Overview

CASPR - Continuous Air Surface Pathogen Reduction

NCC Technology Infographic

Note: coverage areas are based on an open configuration with about 10ft lid.

Duct Mount Units:

 cell unit is in-duct or in the duct airflow
    • Pro Series - commercial applications
      • PRO200 E - 4-inch cell for small rooms like elevators
      • PRO400 - 5-inch cell for approx. 400 Sq Ft coverage
      • PRO1000 - 9-inch cell for approx. 1000 Sq Ft Coverage
      • PRO2500 - 14-inch cell for approx. 2,500 Sq Ft Coverage
      • PRO5000 - 2 x 14-inch cell for approx. 5000 Sq Ft Coverage
CASPR ProSeries Product Sales Sheet
    • Medik - Healthcare applications - high pathogen environments
      • Medik500 - 9-inch cell for approx. 500 Sq Ft Coverage
      • Medik1250 - 14-inch cell for approx. 1,250 Sq Ft Coverage
CASPR Medik Brochure - Healthcare 2020
CASPR Medik InDuct Graphic

    Blu Tile - acoustical suspended grid / tile ceiling systems

    CASPR Blu Tile Sales Sheet - ceiling

    CASPR Blu Tile Owners Manual

    Compact - portable, plug and play

    CASPR Compact born in Healthcare + Spec Sheet

    CASPR Compact _ CVS Reference Sales Sheet

    CASPR Compact Quick Start Guide

    Transit - for transportation vehicles

    CASPR Transit School Bus Door to Door Protection

    CASPR Transit Owners Manual

    CASPR Efficacy Studies




    Product Data Sheet 

    Shop drawing 

    3-part Guide Specs

    Non-Penetrating Guard Rails

    SafetyRail 2000 Guard Rail System


    Returns / Outriggers guide




    SafetyRail2000 Product Data Sheet



    Returns / Outriggers guide


    SafetyRail2000 Standard Shop Drawing


    SafetyRail2000 Guide Spec - Word .doc download

    Architectural Non-Penetrating Guard Rails

    SafetyRail 2000 Architectural Guard Rail System

    D300 Series - 50% Safety Factor

    SafetyRail2000 Architectural Series Product Data Sheet

    Comparison Chart


    SafetyRail2000 Architectural Series Shop Drawing SafetyRail2000 Architectural Series Guide Specs
    Collapsible Guard Rails

    SafetyRail 2000 StealthRail Guard Rail System
    Stealth Rail Product Data Sheet Stealth Rail Shop Drawing STEALTH Series Guide Spec - Word doc download
    Kwik Guard Kwik Guard Product Data Sheet Dimension Worksheet
    Roof Hatch Rails Coming Soon
    SG Series

    Safety gates


    Data Sheet 

    Shop drawing 

    3-part Guide Specs

    Self-Closing Gates

    GuardDog Safety Gate
    GuardDog Product Data Sheet GuardDog Installation Manual GuardDog Guide Specs
    Dock Gates Dock Gates Product Data Sheet
    Horizontal Mezzanine Safety Gates Horizontal Mezzanine Safety Gates Product Data Sheet
    Vertical Mezzanine Safety Gate Vertical Mezzanine Safety Gate Product Data Sheet
    Pallet Flow Safety Gate Pallet Flow Safety Gate Product Data Sheet

    Special products


    Product Data Sheet 

    Shop drawing 

    3-part Guide Specs

    Skylight Screens Coming Soon
    Bollards Bollards Product Data Sheet




    Product Data Sheet 

    Table Shields Table Shielding Product Data Sheet
    Counter Shields