CASPR Pro - Duct Mounted Air Purification System

Size: 4 inch


Duct-mounted HVAC disinfection system

CASPR’s technology uses a proprietary Natural Catalytic Converter (NCC) process to naturally extract oxygen and moisture from ambient air and then produce and safely deliver continuous trace levels of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to disinfect indoor spaces including both the AIR and SURFACES that are exposed to ambient air.

The result is an automated and continuous reduction of air and surface viruses and bacteria in a way that is safe for use in spaces occupied with people and pets, and with no need to modify existing custodial processes.

CASPRO Pro is a duct mount system that easily is installed in the ductwork and is designed for use in most commercial buildings.

Unlike filtering and germicidal UV technologies that require contaminated air to re-circulate through the system, CASPR's continuous application of low-levels of hydrogen peroxide vapor to actively neutralize pathogens like the virus that causes COVID19.

How Does CASPR's NCC [Natural Catalytic Conversion] Technology apply to ASHRAE guidelines for Indoor Air Quality?  Link here for CASPR Tech Sheet that explains

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 PRO200  Elevator Button Sanitizer
 PRO400  5-inch Bulb / Cell Unit 400 Sq Ft*
 PRO1000  9-inch Bulb / Cell Unit 1000 Sq Ft*
 PRO2500  14-inch Bulb / Cell Unit 2500 Sq Ft*
 PRO5000  2 x 14-inch Bulb / Cell Unit 5000 Sq Ft*

* Approx SQ FT coverage based on an open room configuration with 10ft ceiling

CASPR is "Climate & Environmentally Friendly":

  • Low levels of energy to achieve better Indoor Air Quality [IAQ] results compared upgraded HVAC systems required to recirculate air frequency to meet IAQ standards
  • Eliminating expensive HEPA/MERV filters that end up in landfills
  • Reducing episodic cleaning episodes with harsh disinfecting chemicals
  • Does NOT contribute to antimicrobial resistance.


CASPR air purification and autonomous surface disinfection

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