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CASPR at CVS Health Minute Clinic


Published Monday, June 27th, 2022 on LinkedIn and on CASPR website - link to news story

Since its founding in 2016, CASPR (Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction) Technologies has been a leader in smart environmental indoor technology for healthcare and other spaces. The company’s solutions work to ensure the air we breathe is the safest it can be, adding to our well-being and enhancing our performance in the process. Its award-winning, patent-pending NCC™ technology proactively and continuously disinfects indoor air and surfaces at the molecular level.

And while the company’s technology is based on work created for the medical industry, it has applications far beyond healthcare, to locations in retail, commercial real estate, institutions and more. Recently, CASPR has found itself returning to its medical roots in a new way, serving clients in the country’s largest chain of retail medical clinics with a major footprint in the American retail landscape.

CVS Health has installed CASPR technology in all of its more than 1,100 MinuteClinic® locations inside select CVS Pharmacy stores across 35 states and Washington, D.C. CASPR helps keep MinuteClinic safer by reducing harmful bacteria, viruses and other germs in the air and on surfaces.

CASPR works with the ambient air in your environment to create oxidizing molecules that neutralize pathogens in the air you breathe and on surfaces you touch. The technology was originally developed for use in hospital settings to prevent illnesses from being passed around between staff and patients and has been found to reduce hospital-acquired infections and employee absenteeism. Recently, an independent lab tested CASPR technology against air and surface purification units from two other companies and found that CASPR’s models topped out at a 99% reduction in pathogens compared to its competitors’ 45% reduction.

The models used in MinuteClinic are CASPR Compacts, a plug-and-play solution that does not require any installation. Despite its small footprint, it is still up to 99.96% effective in reducing pathogens. Its silent and continuous operation provides full-size protection in a compact solution. CASPR Compacts sit on a pedestal that spells out what the technology is doing to keep MinuteClinic® patients and providers safer.  [end of article]

CASPR Compact at CVS in MN:

  CASPR Compact for surface and air purification

DOCTORY'S OFFICE TESTIMONIAL [Fibroid Institute of Dallas] - "Helped prevent an outbreak of COVID19 in our office!"


This is the Fibroid Institute Dallas. We treat uterine fibroids without surgery without a hysterectomy, without Surgery. 90% of the time it takes care of all the symptoms. When the pandemic started, we had to shut down because elective surgeries were prohibited. Part of returning to the office was I wanted my staff to be safe and I wanted the patients to be safe. I came across the CASPR and found that it had the best data and had the most supporting evidence. It made me comfortable that I could bring people back into my office safely.

So we have been extremely safe in our office. Of course, we're doing the same thing that all the other medical practices are doing. We screen everyone coming in. We're being very attentive plus, we have the CASPR devices. We have one in the lobby and we have one in the nurse's station which is the high traffic area. And we also test every week all the staff get tested for COVID and out-of-the-blue, our front desk nurse tested positive for COVID several weeks ago. Now I feel quite certain she did not get it here in the office. Probably she got it from home. But she actually worked for two days feeling lousy, and I consider it a great testament to the CASPR device that no one else in the office converted. She worked for two days probably shedding virus and she sits in the room with the CASPR.  But in the lobby with the CASPR device, I'm sure it cleaned the air and no one else has gotten infected despite being in the presence of somebody with COVID.  I think that's all because of the CASPER


CASPR air purification and autonomous surface disinfection