Products Overview


    CASPR - Continuous Air Surface Pathogen Reduction

    NCC Technology Infographic

    Note: coverage areas are based on an open configuration with about 10ft lid.

    Duct Mount Units:

     cell unit is in-duct or in the duct airflow
      • Pro Series - commercial applications
        • PRO200 E - 4-inch cell for small rooms like elevators
        • PRO400 - 5-inch cell for approx. 400 Sq Ft coverage
        • PRO1000 - 9-inch cell for approx. 1000 Sq Ft Coverage
        • PRO2500 - 14-inch cell for approx. 2,500 Sq Ft Coverage
        • PRO5000 - 2 x 14-inch cell for approx. 5000 Sq Ft Coverage
    CASPR ProSeries Product Sales Sheet
      • Medik - Healthcare applications - high pathogen environments
        • Medik500 - 9-inch cell for approx. 500 Sq Ft Coverage
        • Medik1250 - 14-inch cell for approx. 1,250 Sq Ft Coverage
    CASPR Medik Brochure - Healthcare 2020
    CASPR Medik InDuct Graphic

      Blu Tile - acoustical suspended grid / tile ceiling systems

      CASPR Blu Tile Sales Sheet - ceiling

      CASPR Blu Tile Owners Manual

      Compact - portable, plug and play

      CASPR Compact born in Healthcare + Spec Sheet

      CASPR Compact _ CVS Reference Sales Sheet

      CASPR Compact Quick Start Guide

      Transit - for transportation vehicles

      CASPR Transit School Bus Door to Door Protection

      CASPR Transit Owners Manual

      Elevator Button, Hotel Rooms and other small areas:

      CASPR 200E

      CASPR Efficacy Studies