SafetyRail2000 StealthRail, Collapsible, Non-Penetrating Fall Protection GuardRail June 2013 - Dakota Safety

StealthRail, a collapsible, non-penetrating guardrail handrail system for temporary roof-edge fall protection provided on the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln NE.  When not in use the use, the collapsible safety railing is folded down and is out of site.  When needed for fall protection, the rail can be easily lifted and using the attached pins, lock in the upright position for compliant fall protection for the roof's leading edge.   

The SafetytRail2000 system is a ballasted guardrail handrail system that is nonpenetrating and meets OHSA requirements for a fall-protection guardrail system. Contact us today 866-503-7245 or for a quote or to request additional info.

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