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Hi Michael Angelo Dakota safety here. I want to do a little quick demonstration we set up some of our equipment on our parking lot outside the office, and I wanted to talk about today is our architectural series. This is a little bit different than our yellow safety rail series. This is for lots of times people want to use this where there's high visibility like to see you have an office building a look out over rough. You see railing. You don't want to see this Blaze, yellow going on. You want to see something a little better looking so they call it the architectural series. This happens to be our curved version. It makes it a little bit easier to for on the eyes from down below you can't, the curve of it causes you not to sometimes see it. Also this coloration of the galvanized portion of it also blends good in the skyline so that you can't see it in the sky as much. This is more for like a plant application where you want your people to absolutely see that you have protection going on, but in the architectural series, one of the things I like about this most is the architectural series is actually very easily installed. It has pressure fittings, so that you actually go ahead and take the pipe. And you can set it in there, while you're working on it. So once you set it up pressured in, you're good to go. This makes this a wonderful series I actually sell this more when you have long runs, but I do safety rail business actually goes up in about two thirds of time compared to a safety rail system like this. This has been Michaelangelo if you have any more questions please reach out to us at Dakota safety. COMM or Michaelangelo at Dakota safety Comm. Thanks


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