Racine & Me: Gym protects kids with anti-Covid technology - CASPR Testimonial

Dakota Safety's president, Andrew Miller, and Heather Bennett, owner of We Rock the Spectrum kids' gym in Racine WI, Sunday Sept 4th, 2022, discussing the CASPR air and surface pathogen reduction system they installed in their gym.

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We Rock the Spectrum Kids GymWe Rock the Spectrum in Racine WI is an inclusive kids' gym, giving kids a safe place to play and be healthy.  CASPR's Natural Catalytic Conversion (NCC) technology neutralizes pathogens both in the air as air purification system and on surfaces, supplementing episodic surface cleaning. Bennet discusses the importance of creating a safe space to play and learn for her families - many of whom have medically fragile members.

CASPR Blue Tile Units were installed in strategic locations in the gym for air purification and surface disinfection providing safe play areas.  Unlike standard air filtration systems that only treat the air, CASPR's Natural Catalytic Conversion (NCC) technology actively neutralizes pathogens on surfaces, including the virus that causes COVID19, bacteria, and other pathogens.  See CASPR's recent Executive Summary on use of gaseous hydrogen peroxide as a low-level disinfectant.hydrogen peroxide as a biocide

 CASPR Blue Tile in acoustic tile ceiling for air purifciation, surface disinfection


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Alex Corradetti, Interviewer: Welcome back an inclusive park in Racine aims to protect children more effectively with anti-COVID technology. Joining us now to discuss this are Andrew Miller with Dakota Safety and Heather Bennett, Owner of We Rock the Spectrum. Thanks for being here!

Heather Bennet & Andrew Miller, guests: Thanks for having us.

Alex: Of course, definitely. So, this is very cool. Can you explain what anti COVID technology is, first of all?

Andrew Miller:  the product is called CASPR. Casper is an acronym that stands for continuous air and surface pathogen reduction. It is a system that puts a low level of gaseous hydrogen peroxide, a disinfectant, into a room and that continually reduces pathogens in that environment, including COVID but also does bacteria, allergens, and other things like that.

Alex: And yeah, we need a couple of these here! Okay, so how does it all work? I know you brought something with you here on the table. Can you explain how the technology works?


Andrew:  It's very simple. This is the “magic” device inside of the units. All of them are basically the same: there's a light bulb inside and a special metal screen and as air goes through here, the light reflecting off the screen turns ambient moisture in the air into hydrogen peroxide.

Alex:  Wow! Now you say it's simple, but to me, that's amazing. We bring you (Heather) in here now, how does this apply to the park?

Heather:  So really our intent when I went to training, as we are going to be opening in the upcoming weeks, in Baltimore, the owners there had it.  So, a shout-out to Trey and Nikki, who actually have the system already.   There’s no other way to put it, then, it just like felt and smelled good. I don't know if that sounds really, does it?

Alex: No, it sounds right that you're in there.

Heather:  While getting trained, I was like this is a no-brainer. This is going to be in my gym for sure. I connected with Andrew’s company (Dakota Safety) and he was so great to work with and we had that (CASPR) as one of our first major things for our gym. Definitely.

Alex:  And you are all about inclusivity as well. So, can you talk a little bit about that too?

Heather:  So, the premise around we rock the spectrum is really it's intended for all ages and all abilities. However, the heart and soul of why we're bringing it to Racine County, other than my husband and I have been educators for many years, is our son is on the spectrum. This gym is indoor, it's inclusive. It has specialized equipment around our seven senses and really, we wanted to bring something that families like ours can come to it and not have to say they are sorry, they can be who they are. All individuals are welcome accepted. They can come have fun and play and just be themselves

Alex:  And now hopefully, probably actually, in actuality, yes, in a safer environment as well. I know dealing with the pandemic has been difficult for so many people, especially, you know, kids and groups getting together. It feels like they haven't been together for a while now. So, this actually adds a layer of protection. Hopefully parents will feel more comfortable, right?

Heather:  Absolutely. Because I still think everybody safety and anxiety around being around other people because we've been so disconnected for that for so long. It varies right? So having this system (CASPR), we felt was extremely important to just provide a little bit more comfortability to families and individuals coming in, depending on where they are with safety and just their own wellbeing.

Alex:  and where can we go for more information both of you,

Andrew: you can visit our website, Dakota safety.com

Alex: Great.

Heather:  Our Facebook page is our most active: We Rock the Spectrum Racine County but also Instagram and tic tock.

Alex:  Oh tic tock - you gotta be on tick tock these days.   Thank you for being here with us. We appreciate you both and the work you're doing for the community. We'll have all this on our website. If you guys are interested in learning more. Check it out.

[End Transcript]

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