CASPR Infection Prevention Testimonial Video

In this recent video by CASPR Technologies, an infection prevention specialist (IP), and an early adoptor of CASPR technology, discusses how CASPR's unique and innovative surface + air disinfection technology is particularly useful in lowering infection in hospital settings along with keeping their staff healthy. 

CASPR Infection Prevention (IP) Testimonial

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[Announcer]: Meet Laurie:  Laurie was an early adopter of the CASPR technology. She is the IP for a 532-bed award winning hospital, and she is sharing her experience with CASPR. Laurie was not compensated for her testimonial.

[Laurie] I saw somebody mentioned something about CASPR and it's in the air duct handling system. I'm like, “Oh, that's kind of what we've been looking for!”  It's something that would be no touch, no staff involved, no human error involved - it's something that would be continuous so there's a lot of attractive features to it.

Staff go in the room and do terminal cleaning, they do daily cleaning, but they're not in there all the time disinfecting that surface when people come in and out whether it's visitors; you cannot be there watching visitors; if they wash their hands, if they bring in other organisms that they cross transmit any pathogens.  So Casper is kind of taking care of all of that, in addition to keeping that room safe all the time for everybody, and certainly decreasing illness as well for our staff members.

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CASPR for infection prevention IP

CASPR has the right product application for your facility indoor surface and air purification requirements.

  • In-duct mounted for HVAC:
    • PRO Series - for standard commercial and residential
    • Medik - for healthcare applications
    • PRO200E for elevators and elevator button disinfection
    • Suspended ceiling systems or hard surface mount
    • Small, efficient, portable disinfection 
    • Transportation vehicles

    CASPR is Climate & Environmentally Friendly:

    • Low levels of energy to achieve better Indoor Air Quality [IAQ] results compared upgraded HVAC systems required to recirculate air frequency to meet IAQ standards
    • Eliminating expensive HEPA/MERV filters that end up in landfills
    • Reducing episodic cleaning episodes with harsh disinfecting chemicals
    • Does NOT contribute to antimicrobial resistance.

    See CASPR Efficacy studies

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    This blog first appeared on Dakota Safety August 2022

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