Versa Clamps Parapet Stanchion for temporary fall protection



Versa-Clamp Clamp-On Portable Stanchions for Temporary Fall Protection


Versa-Clamp stanchion for both parapets and slabs for passive fall protection


Versa-Clamp is a clamp-on stanchion portable guardrail system for parapets and concrete slabs and is the most versatile clamp on the market. It can be easily moved from jobsite to jobsite and can be used both on parapets and slabs offering passive fall protection that meets OSHA regulations. The Versa-Clamp's unique compression locking system makes it easy and fast to install; the compression locking system can also be changed 90 degrees to clamp on to slab edges in addition to parapets. One clamp for 2 applications.

A basic version of the Versa-Clamp to be used specifically on parapets to provide a more cost-effective passive construction fall protection system.

Versa-Clamp stanchions are to be installed in 8ft increments


  • Adjustable so that can be used over parapets or rotated 90 degrees to accommodate slab edges
  • Standard Versa-Clamp expands from 2" to 16"; Larger versions up to 30"
  • Compression plates are offset to protect copings and flashings
  • Adjustable guardrail post complies with OSHA guardrail heights from the work surface
  • Toe-board brackets available for deck applications
  • Adaptors for rail sections available for deck applications

Versa-Clamp Data Sheet

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Request a quote today, or contact Dakota Safety for more information on the Safety Rail 2000 permanent/temporary roof edge protection system from Dakota Safety, a safety rail company focusing on roof and elevated surfaces fall protection. 

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