Skylight Screens for Fall Protection



Skylight Fall Protection

Skylight screens for acrylic dome skylights are a passive fall protection system that provides a roof safety for skylight openings. When properly installed, skylight screens eliminate the fall hazard of the skylight opening.

The screens are mechanically fastened to the retaining frame of the skylight with a rail and stainless steel self-drilling screws.

OSHA Compliance

Compliant with regulations for fall protection:

29 CFR 1926.501 Duty to Have Fall Protection (a)(1) (a)(2) (b)(4)(i)(ii)


  • The rail is designed so that after the screen is installed, a 1/2" high by 2" long scupper is formed at each notch. These scuppers and the 1/2" continuous opening created when the skylight screen is longer than the rail help in preventing accumulation of debris along the rail and skylight screen 

Approved product:

Skylight screens by Dakota Safety 866-503-7245


Manufactured in accordance with OSHA Standards – 29 CFR 1926.501

Structural Load:

200 lb (90.7 kg), in accordance with OSHA Regulations – 29 CFR 1926.501


Hot dipped Galvanized to meet ASTM A123 specifications.

Supporting Documents Links

  • A-SM1 Model Product Information- Domed Skylight
  • Model F Corrugated Roof Profiles
  • Model F Product Information

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