GuardDog Self Closing Gate - Industrial Safety Gate

Size: 18
Finish: PC Yellow


GuardDog Self Closing Safety Gates & Ladder Gates

OSHA Compliant Industrial Self-Closing Safety Gates

The GuardDog Industrial Safety Gate is a self-closing ladder gate that provides maximum opening coverage. It is designed to match top and mid-rail heights of OSHA-compliant guardrails and industrial safety gates. When the metal safety gate is installed with the top rail at OSHA’s mandated guardrail height of 42” above the work surface, the bottom rail of the self-closing gate is at OSHA’s nominal mid-rail height of 21”, which ensures total enclosure.  It can be used as a ladder gate, but also any other area that calls for a self-closing industrial safety gate.

GuardDog metal safety gates are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, to guarantee a tight fit and superior safety for your opening concerns.
The GuardDog safety gate system also features a stop on the swing side that complies with OSHA regulations. This feature provides offers extra protection while maintaining maximum coverage for the opening.

GuardDog Self Closing Gate Features

  • Tough and durable for years of dependable use in challenging applications
  • Easy to install
  • Universal hinge assembly accommodates railing sizes up to 2” O.D., as well as flat surface mounting
  • All GuardDog metal safety gates are capable of swinging in either direction
  • Stainless steel torsion springs provide reliable self-closure
  • Installs and adjusts easily without the need for a gate stop
Need a replacement spring?  Click Here!
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Shipping Weight
25 lbs.
24" 30"
27 lbs.
29 lbs.
31 lbs.
45" 42" 48"
33 lbs.



The GuardDog metal safety gate system features a uniquely strong single-pull/double-latching mechanism that complies with applicable OSHA regulations.

  • Approved product: GuardDog Self-Closing Safety Gate from BlueWater Manufacturing, distributed by Dakota Safety 866-503-7246  4155 S Robert Trl St Paul MN
  • Basic use: Provides maximum opening coverage when used with OSHA compliant guard rails
  • Standards: System shall have top and mid rail in accordance with OSHA Standards.
  • Width: As indicated on drawing
  • Height: Top rail: 42” (1,067 mm), minimum; bottom rail: 21” (533 mm)
  • Railings: 14 GA tubing
  • Hardware: U-bolts and universal hinge assembly, fits railing types up to 2” (51 mm) O.D. or flat surface mounting; railing adapter kit; self-closing springs
  • Finishes: Available in standard powder coat yellow, hot-dip galvanized and 316 stainless steel

Self Closing Gate Options

  • Available in three finishes: powder coat safety yellow, hot-dip galvanized or 316 stainless steel. Special colors are available upon request
  • Five nominal self closing gate sizes are available; each is laterally adjustable up to 6”
  • Adapter kits are available for larger or uniquely shaped railings
  • Toeboard adaptor kits for flush floor coverage

Self Closing Gate Sizes & Specs

Self closing ladder gates come in five nominal sizes ranging from 15” to 48”. All sizes of this metal safety gate can be laterally adjusted up to 6” (-3” to +3”) to ensure proper fit in the opening. Toeboard adapter kits are available for all sizes to ensure a perfect fit.  Toeboard kits are sold separately

For complete product specs, view the GuardDog product data sheet.

Self Closing Metal Safety Gates for Your Application

If you know the specifications of the metal safety gate you need, select a product below to add it to your cart. If you're not sure which GuardDog self closing safety gate is right for your application, contact Dakota Safety for more information or visit our Safety Gate section here.


[short-description]The GuardDog Safety Gate is a self closing ladder gate that provides maximum opening coverage. It is designed to match top and mid-rail heights of OSHA-compliant guardrails and industrial safety gates.[/short-description]

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