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The SafetyRail 2000 Base was designed to be capable of handling infinite safety rail positioning meanwhile durable enough to maintain OSHA compliance with the custom-engineered locking system.

Product description

The SafetyRail 2000 Base was engineered to be the most versatile product in the marketplace. Every cast iron base unit has four rail receiver posts, enabling up to four quadrants at infinite angles from a single base. Each receiver post contains slots that incorporate the custom-engineered positive locking system, a functional design which enables infinite positioning of the rails while being secured with the locking pin. Bases come standard in yellow powder coat or hot dipped galvanized.

  • Base measures 21.25″ across (from outside of handle to outside of handle)
  • Bases come standard with 1/8” EPDM pads at no extra cost
  • Center lifting hook can be used with the optional EZ Mover
  • Working handles allow for easy lifting and positioning
  • Base can be permanently mounted with anchor bolts

I n order to meet OSHA regulations for fall protection, outriggers (returns/counter weights) MUST be utilized. Whether the Danger Side Run is 5’ or 1000’ in length, you must have these in place at the beginning and at the end of the run.

Outriggers are standard rail kits (usually 5ft rail kits) that are connected at each start/end at approximately 90˚ to the Danger Side Run of each start / end of rail systems.

Outriggers (returns/counter weights) are not required for closed loop systems (no start ends).

An extra base is required to complete an open rail system (rail sections with start/ends); one rail section in the system requires 2 bases (kits only include 1 base)

NOTE: Please consult Dakota Safety if wind loads are required for rail systems. Additional outrigger sections adding counterweights can be added to rail systems to increase wind load compliance.
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