Getting an "A-Grade" for Safer Schools, Classrooms, Dorms, and Buses

In this recent 2-minute video by CASPR Technologies, CASPR Co-Founder and CEO/CTO, Dr Christophe Suchy and Director of Distributor Success, Craig Bohall, briefly discuss how CASPR's unique and innovative surface + air disinfection technology is particularly helpful in making the education environment safe for students and staff.  This video is particularly timely as we head back-to-school and back into the flu season.


Craig Bohall:  Viruses! molds! bacteria!  That's all a challenge on school campuses.  Schools have a very unique situation where the risks are layered or compounded for a school.
Dr Suchy:  You remember when you went to school, what do you do? You touch the floor, you put your hands in your mouth; so you need a continuous system that works in the background while the kids are in school that can disinfect surfaces and the air and keep them safe.
Craig Bohall:  CASPR's NCC technology is very different than what most schools have done. If a school wanted to disinfect a surface like a faucet or a door handle, they will typically spray or wipe or disinfect that at some point, but they can't disinfect it every few minutes. What CASPR does is continually disinfect those surfaces, and the air vs. what a school normally does, which is to disinfect those surfaces in the morning; and then school happens and then maybe at night they disinfect it again.   
Dr Suchy:  The difference between what we do at CASPR and what has been done for decades, which is basically, filtering, ventilating, and maybe put some UVC lights. 
But how do you teach a virus, or bacteria that's on the floor, or a virus that has just comes out of your mouth, that it has to go through the filter before going to the kids or teacher that is next to you? You can't, It just doesn't make sense!
So how do we do that with CASPR?  The technology with the gaseous hydrogen peroxide that is in the room and continuously lowers those levels of bacteria on surfaces or in the air.  And that's the big difference!  Because we're actively going to the source of the problem, we will eliminate that problem before you get exposed to it.
Craig Bohall:  And it's not just classrooms. For instance, we have a distributor in Louisiana who has been incredibly successful at putting our CASPR Transit units on school buses. A lot of the schools are telling them that they are trying to make sure they can disinfect the air and surfaces and protect the children before they come into the school; before they bring pathogens into the classroom. So, it is a proactive way to protect students and teachers.
Dr Suchy: You can't ask kids to act like adults; they're going to be kids, kids have to be kids. So we're there at CASPR to keep them as safe as possible and work in the background without disturbing them. 
Announcer:  CASPR Technologies, we are on a mission to make the world indoors a better place.


CASPR has the right product application for your facility indoor surface and air purification requirements.

  • In-duct mounted for HVAC:
    • PRO Series - for standard commercial and residential
    • Medik - for healthcare applications
    • PRO200E for elevators and elevator button disinfection
    • Suspended ceiling systems or hard surface mount
    • Small, efficient, portable disinfection 
    • Transportation vehicles

    CASPR is Climate & Environmentally Friendly:

    • Low levels of energy to achieve better Indoor Air Quality [IAQ] results compared upgraded HVAC systems required to recirculate air frequency to meet IAQ standards
    • Eliminating expensive HEPA/MERV filters that end up in landfills
    • Reducing episodic cleaning episodes with harsh disinfecting chemicals
    • Does NOT contribute to antimicrobial resistance.

    See CASPR Efficacy studies

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    This blog first appeared on Dakota Safety August 2022

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