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Is your workplace fully OSHA-compliant? It’s easy not to be. It doesn’t take much to avoid basic accidents by requiring the use of protective gear around machinery and by taking precautions with dangerous materials. But even the safest-looking warehouse can have hidden hazards just waiting to strike, especially if there are forklifts, trucks, or other heavy vehicles in the area.

Bollards and column and shelf protectors are a few examples of safety equipment that you might not know you need. These products protect various areas of your facility from heavy impacts and prevent your workers from straying into the path of oncoming vehicles. Here, we’ll explain their safety features and why they’re imperative for your workplace.


Bollards are protective barriers that serve two main functions. The first and most basic of these is to keep vehicles from inadvertently backing up or running into walls, shelves, loading bay doors, or anything else you might want to block off. This is especially important in smaller areas where vehicles might not have as much room to maneuver. You may not be able to stop every accident from happening, but you can greatly lessen the damage they do.

Another use for bollards is to block off and mark certain areas of the workplace for other purposes, such as for pedestrian use. If you have a high-traffic area that forklifts or other vehicles frequently use, it’s a good idea to install bollards to block off areas intended for walking only. Whether this is inside a warehouse or outside in a loading bay, it will prevent your employees from unintentionally coming into contact with vehicles that may not be able to see them or stop in time.

Column & Shelf Protectors

Column and shelf protectors reinforce your shelves and columns to ensure they can withstand a heavy impact. They protect your equipment without adding any extra bulk, as they’re custom-fitted for your specific needs. They also protect against more minor damage such as chips or scratches.

Column and shelf protectors are typically brightly colored so not only do they safeguard your equipment, they also make it highly visible and, therefore, less prone to causing accidents in the first place. This is especially important in a warehouse where shelves, walls, and equipment tend to be similarly colored. It’s not just good practice to use them, it’s common sensetaking one small step to install these protectors can prevent thousands of dollars in damage to your property.


Safety is an area where you should never cut corners. Make sure your workplace is up to code by installing bollards and column or shelf protectors wherever you know there will be vehicle traffic, be it a forklift or a truck.


If you need to purchase bollards or column and shelf protectors for your workplace, we’ve got you covered. From guarding products to fall safety, Dakota Safety is your one-stop shop for making sure your workplace is compliant with all relevant safety regulations.


Check out our bollards and column & shelf protectors or contact us about our other products and services. No matter your safety needs, we’re here to help.

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