Best Defense Against Pathogens: A Strong Offense with CASPR Technology

Good day safety enthusiasts!! In this era of heightened awareness about pathogens and the importance of cleanliness, it is crucial to adopt innovative solutions that actively combat harmful microorganisms. While personal hygiene and cleaning practices go a long way, investing in advanced technologies can provide an added layer of protection. Taking a lead from the football season, we will explore how CASPR Technology's Natural Catalytic Conversion technology can help you create a stronger defense against pathogens by going on the offense actively disinfecting surfaces and purifying the air.

With the global spread of contagious diseases like COVID-19, it has become increasingly evident that traditional defensive cleaning methods may not be sufficient to fully eradicate pathogens. Even with regular disinfection practices and air filtration, surfaces, and the air we breathe can remain potential sources of contamination. This is where CASPR Technology's innovative approach comes into play.

CASPR Technology going on the offense against pathogens

Study results on time for bacteria to re-appear after episodic cleaning.

CASPR (Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction) Technology utilizes the power of Natural Catalytic Conversion (NCC) to actively disinfect surfaces and purify the air in indoor spaces. This technology is designed to mimic the natural process that occurs outdoors, where sunlight reacts with airborne and surface contaminants, neutralizing them in the process.  Why go into a “prevent defense” with episodic surface cleaning and waiting for air to recirculate through a filter somewhere in the HVAC system, when NCC technology neutralizes pathogens continuously?


CASPR Technologies Natural Catalytic Conversion (NCC) Technology

CASPR Technology integrates a unique combination of UV light and a proprietary catalyst to produce an environment rich in oxidizing molecules, primarily hydrogen peroxide – nature’s disinfectant. These molecules, when released into the air, actively seek out, attack pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and mold like a quarterback seeking out his wide receiver in the endzone for a touchdown!

Benefits of an offensive strategy with CASPR’s NCC Technology:

  1. No time-outs, no 2-minute warnings; the clock never expires: CASPR Technology operates 24/7, providing round-the-clock protection against pathogens. Constantly being on the offense ensures that any new contaminants are immediately neutralized, minimizing the risk of spread.
  2. No penalties or personal fouls: Unlike traditional disinfection methods that often rely on harsh chemicals, CASPR Technology uses a natural process that does not require the use of any harmful substances. This makes it safe for human occupancy including pets and plants while remaining environmentally friendly. NCC technology also does not contribute to bacterial resistance.
  3. Simple offensive play: CASPR Technology can be easily integrated into existing HVAC systems, suspended ceiling systems or other applications using standard electrical power, making it a convenient solution for all commercial markets and residential. Once installed, it operates silently and automatically, requiring minimal maintenance.
  4. Strong offensive is effective at both running and passing: CASPR Technology not only disinfects surfaces but also purifies the air. By targeting both potential sources of pathogens, it provides a holistic approach to pathogen reduction, ensuring a safer and healthier environment.

In the battle against pathogens, it is essential to equip ourselves with the most effective defense mechanisms. Similar to football and other sports, keeping the other team’s offense “off the field” is the best defense.  CASPR Technology's Natural Catalytic Conversion technology keeps the opponent “off the field” with a proactive, offensive solution for disinfecting surfaces and purifying the air, significantly reducing the risk of contamination. Even in football, though, you still need a well-rested and effective defense so too does personal hygiene and traditional cleaning practices also remain important. Incorporating advanced technologies like CASPR’s NCC technology can provide that extra element of keeping the defense fresh and rested. Consider exploring this innovative technology to create a safer and healthier environment for yourself, employees, customers, and those around you. Stay protected and stay safe!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Please consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance and recommendations.

Best Defense Against Pathogens: A Strong Offense with CASPR Technology” first appeared on the Dakota Safety blog September, 2023

 CASPR Technology going on the offense against pathogens.

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