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Fall Protection System for DiaSorin


Stillwater, MN

Installed: July2013

DiaSorin, a worldwide medical diagnostic equipment developer, needed a fall protection system installed at their manufacturing and R&D facility in Stillwater, Minnesota. They turned to Dakota Safety for an effective solution.

After a visit to their plant, we developed a complete setup to provide safety railings around the mechanical equipment on the roof. We also provided customized ladders to allow for safe access to different roof levels and self-closing gates for existing roof access ladders. For improved aesthetics, the railings and ladders were custom-painted to match the color of the building’s roof edge.

With all railings and their setup mapped out, Dakota Safety delivered the components to DiaSorin’s location. Their maintenance team was able to install the safety rail systems with minimal difficulty and no special tools.

Contact Dakota Safety today or request a quote on a fall protection system for your facility.

DiaSorin Fall Protection System Fall Protection System with Self-closing Gates Fall Protection Installation - Safety Railings