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Vertical Mezzanine Safety Gate

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  • Vertical Mezzanine Safety Gates

Once installed on your mezzanine, this durable gate opens and closes as needed. Open the gate to easily forklift materials to your elevated space and close the gate to protect employees from dangerous and costly workplace falls.

Mezzanine Gates open by manual or automated operation. Activate your gate with the push of a button or by the pull of a cord. Once material has been delivered to your mezzanine, the gate closes by timer or other activation device to quickly protect the mezzanine ledge.

Standard Features

  • 42" high gate
  • 120" tall columns
  • 4" toe-board
  • On-deck or off-deck mounting options
  • Available in powder coat safety yellow, or stainless steel
  • Manual, electric, pneumatic/pneumatic, or pneumatic/electric operation available
  • Meets OSHA standard for railing systems
  • Obstruction sensing feature on electric gates

Application Use

  • Material handling
  • Mezzanine openings
  • Pallet Racking
  • Loading Docks

Vertical Mezzanine PRODUCT DATA SHEET