EZ-Climb Rolastair



The EZ-Climb Rolastair mobile ladder stand is designed for forward descent.

Standard Features:

  • 45 degree angle of climb
  • 9-1/2" rise and run per step
  • 9-1/2"x24" wide steps
  • 1" diameter steel tube frame
  • Standard 19" extra-deep top platform
  • Diamond plate steps
  • 3-4-5 step units have spring loaded casters
  • 6 step & larger have StepJack
  • 3-4-5 step units have 32" tall guardrail
  • 6 step & larger have 42" tall guardrail
  • 6 step & larger have K-D base
  • Large 2" diameter rubber shoes
  • Safety green enamel finish

Optional Features:

  • Safety grating steps and platform
  • Extra-deep top platforms
  • StepJack on 3-4-5 step units


[short-description]Ladder industries manufactures six styles of mobile ladder stands to meet your specific application requirements.[/short-description]

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