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Non-Penetrating / Portable Fall Protection Systems

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  • Permanent & Portable Fall Protection Systems - SafetyRail2000
  • SafetyRail2000 Architectural Series - galvanized finish
    SafetyRail2000 Architectural Series - galvanized finish
  • Non-penetrating fall protection guardrail system with painted gray rails - SafetyRail2000
    Non-penetrating fall protection guardrail system with painted gray rails - SafetyRail2000
  • StealthRail collapsible non-penetrating fall protection guardrail systems
    StealthRail collapsible non-penetrating fall protection guardrail systems
  • D300

Dakota Safety solves fall protection problems and protects personnel with a full line of ballasted, non-penetrating guardrail systems for rooftops and other elevated areas. Because they’re anchored by weighted baseplates, rather than bolted down, these portable guardrail systems can be used as permanent installations or temporary solutions that can be moved to and set up anywhere you need them. And, thanks to their non-penetrating designs, these safety guardrails preserve the integrity of the roof system and are easy to install.
With Dakota Safety, you have access to a variety of different styles of fall protection railing systems that can be tailored to the unique needs of your fall protection application. We have provided and installed these portable guardrail systems for projects all across North America and Canada.
Request a quote today, or contact us  to discuss your project's requirements and discover the Dakota Safety difference!



Non-Penetrating Guardrail System Options

Dakota Safety offers several non-penetrating / portable fall protection guardrail system options, making it easy to find the right system for your requirements. A variety of stanchion types, as well as numerous colors and finishes, are available. We will work with you to determine the best options for your application, and will deliver a customized portable guardrail system that meets your specific needs.
SafetyRail 2000 utilizes standard sized rail sections for a cost-effective solution for fall protection situations. Standard stocked finished include safety yellow paint and galvanized. Custom colors are available – please contact us to discuss custom color options.
SafetyRail 2000 Architectural is a pipe-and-fitting guardrail system available with three different vertical stanchion styles to complement the architectural style of your building: 

  • Straight stanchions provide the standard guardrail look, and the Architectural Series is ideal for areas that need a fall protection system with a complicated or difficult layout.
  • Curved stanchions give the railing a pleasing architectural appearance while still meeting fall protection requirements.
  • Incline stanchions slope back away from the roof edge, making the rail less noticeable from a lower perspective. 

Architectural Series D300 system has been tested to a 300 load factor, which provides for a 50% safety factor over OHSA guidelines. This guardrail system adds a third horizontal rail and closer stanchion spacing.
SafetyRail 2000 Stealth is a collapsible guardrail system that allows for clean sight lines when the system is folded down. 

Finish Options 

All our portable, non-penetrating fall protection systems can be provided with a galvanized finish or custom painted to match your building’s color scheme. Contact us to discuss your custom color requirements.
Request a quote on portable roof guardrail systems for your facility. Contact Dakota Safety for more information on any of our fall protection products.