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Safety Rail for Medical Device Manufacturer

Medical Device Manufacturer

Minneapolis, MN & Mankato, MN

Installed June 2013

A major medical device manufacturer was in the process of adding safety upgrades to their facilities in Minneapolis and Mankato, Minnesota. They wisely called on Dakota Safety to provide fall protection systems for their buildings’ rooftops, and we provided a complete, turnkey solution.

After inspecting their facilities and identifying the areas that needed safety railing, we designed complete setups for SafetyRail 2000 guardrail systems. Prior to installation, we painted the guardrails for the Minneapolis location in two custom colors to blend in with the roof edges of the buildings themselves; the office tower’s railings were painted in one color, while the manufacturing facility received rails painted in a different color. For the Mankato facility, galvanized steel was used to match the look of the rooftop equipment.

Dakota Safety positioned the railings to enclose all the mechanical equipment, security cameras, and other areas on the buildings’ roofs that require regular personnel access or maintenance near a fall hazard area. From there, installation was relatively quick and easy, and included the weighted base pads that hold the railings in place.

Our turnkey guardrail system provides effective fall protection for personnel and a harmonized look with the manufacturers’ facilities. And, the SafetyRail 2000 system requires no penetration into the roofs themselves, eliminating the possibility of leaks that drilling into the structures could cause.

Contact Dakota Safety today or request a quote on a fall protection system for your facility.

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