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Rooftop Fall Protection for Great River Library

Case Study: Great River Regional Library

Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Installed August 2012

Saint Cloud’s Great River Regional Library needed a roof guardrail system to keep employees and volunteers safe when working on the building’s “green” rooftop, which includes plants and flowers growing in an open-air garden. The library’s rooftop garden is two stories up, and extends to within approximately 18 inches of the edge of the roof. The roof’s parapet is too low for a safe working environment, and the building’s unique architecture also creates a few potentially dangerous rooftop areas.

Dakota Safety measured the space and created a fall protection guardrail system that encloses the green roof’s open sides. We used inclined stanchions to better match the building’s aesthetics, and manufactured the rails and supports from galvanized steel pipe for both greater weather resistance and a better look. The system features ballasted base plates and does not penetrate the roof, eliminating the possibility of leaks.

We provided a complete installation diagram, making it easy for the library’s maintenance staff to assembly the guardrail system themselves. Apart from a pipe cutter, no special tools were needed for installation.

With Dakota Safety’s architectural roof safety guardrails, the Great River Regional Library’s staff and volunteers can work in a fall-safe zone when maintaining their rooftop garden. Our passive fall protection system eliminates the need for safety tie-offs, harnesses, and yearly personnel training, and meets OSHA requirements.

Contact Dakota Safety today or request a quote for a fall protection system for your facility.

Guardrail for Libarary Roof Guardrail for Libarary Roof Guardrail for Libarary Roof