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SafetyRail 2000 Guardrail System for Refrigerated Food Distribution Center

Refrigerated Food Distribution Center

West Jefferson, OH – Installed Spring 2013

Denton, TX - Installed Summer 2012

A major national chain needed new safety railings at their refrigerated food distribution centers in West Jefferson, Ohio, and Denton, Texas. The customer had already identified the areas in their facilities that would require safety railing systems, but needed Dakota Safety to supply the railings themselves and to fine-tune the railing layouts for the most effective use of available space.

Working with Ryan Construction out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, we developed and installed complete fall protection systems at both facilities. We also provided Permaline permanent metal flagging systems to create visual warning lines marking areas where personnel should not enter without fall protection harnesses.

With our safety rails SafetyRail2000 and Permaline permanent warning line systems in place, workers at the food distribution centers can now perform routine maintenance on rooftop mechanical systems without having to use active fall protection systems in these areas or have an excessive roof guard rail system that would attach directly to the building. All railings meet OSHA safety standards.

Contact Dakota Safety today or request a quote on a fall protection system for your facility.

Refrigerated Food Distribution Center Safety Railings SafetyRail 2000 Installation - Food Distribution Center