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Rooftop Fall Protection for Medical Clinic

Case Study: Medical Office

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Installed July 2012

At a Minneapolis, Minnesota medical clinic, there are two separate rooftop areas where mechanical equipment for the building’s HVAC system are located. While rooftop HVAC equipment is not uncommon, the location of this facilities’ equipment placed it within eight feet of the roof’s edge on three sides, with no parapets or ledges to provide fall protection.

Dakota Safety developed a rooftop guardrail system that fully encloses the rooftop area around the HVAC units, while leaving ample room for maintenance crews to work on the equipment. The safety rail system uses weighted base plates that eliminate the need to penetrate the roof for installation. Galvanized railing materials were used to provide weather resistance and to match the trim along the edge of the roof.

A complete installation guide was included, allowing the clinic’s maintenance team to setup the entire railing system in just a few hours. No special tools were required for assembly or installation.

Dakota Safety’s rooftop guardrails provide safety for clinic maintenance employees when servicing the building’s HVAC units. The passive fall protection system eliminates the need for an anchor-point system and its associated safety tie-offs, harnesses, and required employee training. Our safety rail setup is also significantly less expensive than an anchor-point system, does not have any roof penetrations, and meets all OSHA requirements.

Contact Dakota Safety today or request a quote for a fall protection system for your facility.

Roof Safety Rail for Medical Clinic Roof Safety Rail for Medical Clinic Roof Safety Rail for Medical Clinic