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Incorr Chemical Guard Rails

Incorr Chemical, a division of Incorr Energy a company established to support the oil boom in North Dakota, contacted Dakota Safety for safety guard rail systems for the tops of several ISO chemical tanks. The tanks had not yet been installed, but measurements were available and the need for fall protection was established.

Having found information on our Kwik Fit modular safety rail systems online, Incorr Chemical contacted us with their measurements and specifications. Though we had never supplied guard rails for their specific application before, the Kwik Fit system is so versatile that we knew it could easily be applied to Incorr Chemical’s situation and meet or exceed their requirements.

Based on Incorr Chemical’s measurements, Dakota Safety put together several Kwik Fit kits designed to provide passive fall protection around the top of one 8’ x 20’ ISO chemical tanks. Drawings of the base flange were provided prior to shipping so that Incorr could determine the best method to attach the kits to the catwalk surrounding the tank. Dakota Safety also provided a self-closing safety gate for the tanks’ access ladder in order to create a complete enclosure and maximize fall protection. All safety railings and gates were supplied with high-visibility “safety yellow” paint.

The components required for Incorr Chemical’s order were standard stock items, so they shipped with a day of the order being processed and the guard rail system and safety gate arrived before the tanks onto which they were going to be installed. Upon the tanks’ arrival, Incorr Chemical was able to easily and quickly install their Kwik Fit systems on their own, following our simple installation instructions.

Contact Dakota Safety today, or request a quote on a guardrail system for your application.